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Knowledge Of Wine

Knowledge Of Wine | Pittsford Wine & Spirits - Pittsford, NY

The world of wine is huge, with excellent vintages coming from the US all the way to New Zealand. With so many choices, a newcomer can be intimidated and miss some magnificent vintages. That is why you should trust Pittsford Wine & Spirits for our exceptional knowledge of wine.

Many people have knowledge of wine that stops with “red” and “white.” That is a good place to start, but turn to Pittsford Wine & Spirits to show you the diversity that is hiding beneath the surface of reds and whites.

Red wines are known for their big, bold tastes, similar to what you would find with a good Cabernet or a Merlot. You will find a great assortment of these tastes created in hot, sunny locales worldwide such as Australia, Chile, and France. Alternatively, an entire world of subtle reds, such as Pinot Noirs, are created in cooler climates such as Burgundy and Oregon. Either way, our knowledge of wine will show you the way to a red you will love.

The world of white wines is just as diverse. You probably know that whites provide a cool, refreshing experience that is great for a summer day, but you need someone with our wine knowledge to help you pinpoint exactly what your palate enjoys and to give you the ultimate wine-drinking experience.

Maybe your palate likes something dry, and you have not been able to put that into words. Maybe a fruitful bouquet is more your style. We will tease out exactly what it is you like and scour our selection to help put that special bottle on your table!

And, of course, a wine drinker needs to remember there is an entire world of varieties out there that evade the red/white distinction. We will tell you about Rieslings, port, and the famous sparkling wines that originated in Champagne. Let our knowledge of wine guide you. Visit Pittsford Wine & Spirits in Pittsford, NY today!

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