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Knowledge Of Scotch

Knowledge Of Scotch | Pittsford Wine & Spirits - Pittsford, NY

People say “scotch” and know that they are talking about liquor produced in Scotland, but the average person’s knowledge of scotch ends there. This is a shame because, even in a small distilling region such as Scotland, there is a wealth of diversity that produces a truly varied class of hearty liquors that are famous worldwide. That is why our staff at Pittsford Wine & Spirits are here to show you around the wonderful world of scotch!

When people think of scotch, they probably think of a Highland variety. Highland scotches definitely dominate the market, but there is also a lot of variety to wade through. We will use our knowledge of scotch to show you that, even if you favor Highland, you do not need to feel pressured into choosing a well-known name. There are some little guys out there that will blow your socks off!

Did you know that Scotland also produces a few Lowland varieties of scotch? Most people are not aware of this, but the lucky few who are in-the-know will rarely find a finer drinking experience!

For people who truly love the peaty drinking experience that makes scotch famous, we also cannot say enough about the Islay style of distilling. Many scotch drinkers have loved Islays without even knowing what they were drinking, but you will not be that person after you have taken advantage of the extensive scotch knowledge we have at Pittsford Wine & Spirits!

We have barely scratched the surface of how much scotch there is out there to know, try, and love. Visit us in Pittsford, NY, and let us share our passion with you. Sample our wares until your knowledge of scotch is as vast as ours!

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