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Knowledge Of Wine

Knowledge Of Wine | Pittsford Wine & Spirits - Pittsford, NY

The world of wine is huge, with excellent vintages coming from the US all the way to New Zealand. With so many choices a newcomer can be intimidated...

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Knowledge Of Scotch

Knowledge Of Scotch | Pittsford Wine & Spirits - Pittsford, NY

People say “scotch” and know that they are talking about liquor produced in Scotland, but the average person’s knowledge of scotch ends there. This...

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Food Pairings With Wine

Food Pairings With Wine | Pittsford Wine & Spirits - Pittsford, NY,NY

Wine is an experience, not just an alcohol. Food pairings with wine are essential to bringing out a bottle’s true character, and sadly, that is not...

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Welcome To Pittsford Wine & Spirits

At Pittsford Wine & Spirits, we want you to leave our store knowing that you have received the absolute best, most perfect bottle on the market. That is what we do. That is who we are.

Wine is our staple product and the thing in which we take the most pride. We comb the world to provide you with a superior selection of products, and we have the expertise necessary to make sure that we find a wine perfectly suited to your tastes. You will marvel at our knowledge and continue coming back for more!

We are also experts at helping you choose wines based on the meal they will accompany and vice versa. You have not truly experienced wine as it should be experienced until you have tried it paired with the right meal!

Scotch is another one of our true loves. Scotch is a hearty drink with a great deal of diversity between brands, so we are delighted to help customers navigate our wealth of choices to find that perfect label.

We also offer fabulous customer service. We will expertly and artistically wrap your purchase with complimentary bags and tissue paper if you desire. We provide local delivery and can make a special order to get that hard-to-find wine you love. We also keep track of your previous purchases so that we can recommend wines that we think you will enjoy next!

At Pittsford Wine & Spirits, we are “Your Wine Shop on the Erie Canal”. We love what we do, and once you have met with our friendly and helpful staff, experienced our excellent customer service, and seen our wide selection, you will love what we do as well! Visit us in Pittsford, NY and let us find that special wine or spirit that you have been searching for!

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